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1.28 3D Layers

3D Layers Page - Tutorial and Features

Are you ready to have some fun with the 3D Layers Page ? Any layer can be a 3D layer, except an audio-only layer. This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D Image Layer just following a few simple steps. So why don't you add a new dimension to your work and take advantage of the new amazing features.


Once you've added the 3D Layers Page to your App, go to Edit Pages and click edit in order to customize it.



On the right side of the page there are 3 fields. The 1st one is for creating Layers. The 2nd one is for adding images to each layer. Note that if you want your layer to be more realistic you will have to add as many images as possible. In my example I will create 2 layers which will show the human legs from medical point of view. Each layer will have 16 images. The images should be of the same size.


                      Now let's see how does it shows up on the device.


The first Layer I've created looks like this. You can rotate it by touching the screen. 



The second Layer looks slightly different. The process of switching between layers is pretty exciting.




You can customize the images of the Layer in the Device. The feature allow you to paint, erase the images and save them or send via Email.