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How to enable iAd in your application?
The iAd Network provides an automated and intuitive environment for you to easily incorporate iAd ads into your applications. You have the opportunity to earn revenue through ads in your application. You can also monitor performance and track revenue within the iAd Network module on your iTunes Connect Home page.
This tutorial is a step-by-step instruction on how to join iAd Network and enable iAd Network functionality in your application. You don't need a Mac to do this. A computer with any of our supported browsers will work.

Important: To enable iAd functionality you must be enrolled into Apple iPhone program
NOTE: This tutorial is an excerpt from iTunes Connect Developer Guide
  1. Login using your dev account credentials on
  2. Click through the Developer Advertising Services Agreement, which can be found in the Contracts, Tax, and Banking Information module.
    In addition, you will be asked to set up your banking and tax information if you don't have a paid app on the App Store.
  3. Go to your app page in Manage Your Applications module within iTunes Connect. Click on the Set Up iAd Network button, then click Enable iAdsto enable your app for iAd ads.
    You will also need to indicate whether your primary target audience is users under 17 years of age. Once your application has been submitted, iAd service cannot be disabled. To remove ads from an application, you will need to submit a new binary with ad functionality removed.

    NOTE: The Set Up iAd Network button will only appear for your apps if you have agreed to the iAd Network contract in the Contracts, Tax and Banking module in iTunes Connect.
  4. Set up your iAd preferences
    Once you have enabled at least one app for iAd ads, you will then see the iAd Network module on your iTunes Connect Home page. This module allows you to set your iAd preferences and track performance.
    The Set Up iAd Network button will also change to iAd Network Settings to indicate that you have already completed initial set up and can now edit your settings

    To edit your iAd Network Settings for your app:
    1. Click Disable to disable your app for iAd. You can only disable if you have not yet submitted an ad-enabled binary.
    2. Click Yes to indicate that your primary target audience is users under 17 years of age. You will not be able to change this setting once you have indicated Yes.

    Within the iAd Network, you can set up your iAd preferences to help determine which type of ads are served to your application.
For more detailed information on iAd Network, click the FAQs link (located at the bottom of every page in iTunes Connect) and click iAd Network.
For more detailed information on navigating the iAd Network module to monitor your revenue and performance, contact the iAd Network Support Team by visiting the Contact Us section of iTunes Connect and accessing the following routing:
iAd Network > General iAd Network Questions > General iAd Network Inquiry
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