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Enabling Your App for Newsstand

Newsstand application launched together with iOS 5.0 is designed to provide a comfortable interface to all your digital periodicals. If any of your applications designed at AppsVolcano classify as periodicals, you might want to consider enabling your app for Newsstand.

First things first, please note that once Newsstand feature was enabled for an app, it can not be disabled, so think twice before doing this as there is no undo available.

From the point of view of development and design there are no actual restrictions to technical or graphical approaches, Newsstand logically indicates that the app is periodically updated with content on a particular topic or topics.

Newsstand Dashboard

To enable an app designed at AppsVolcano for Newsstand go to its Dashboard → Newsstand Properties and check the Enable for Newsstand checkbox. On the same page provide a Newsstand icon. When ready save the changes.

Newsstand Properties

Newsstand requires Apple Push Notification (APN) service to be enabled in your app (how to enable APN service). Also, you need to think ahead of what files you are going to update while preparing a new issue of your magazine or newspaper and enable synchronization for those files in the Resource Manger. This will be needed when you publish a new issue as there is no need to upload it to iTunes Connect because everything can be done by sending a push notification, but please note that any Newsstand application requires at least one In-App Purchase. If your app is free you might want to choose a Free Subscription In-App Purchase type.

To publish a new issue of your periodical in the Newsstand, go to app's Dashboard → Newsstand Content Publishing. A simple press of the Publish New Content button will send all of the synced files to user’s devices in a form of a new issue of your periodical.

Newsstand Publish
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