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How to edit your app?

After you chose a template to create an app, a new project will be displayed in the list of your Applications on

Editing an app comprises uploading content, implementing required functionalities by including respective type pages, adjusting appearance of app.
To start editing your app click on your app's Dashboard.
From the Dashboard you can access the following sections:
Edit Application Pages section
In this section it is possible to view (in the web simulator) and manage (add/remove/duplicate/rename) the pages of your app. Also, the Resource manager can be accessed from here.
To add a new page click on + button.
In the resource manager window specify name (1) for new page, pick type of page (2), click Create button (3) to add new page to your app.
To edit a page click on Edit.
Each page type has its specific controls and fields to customize page elements.
Please verify the help page for every particular page type.
Generally, pages can be customized in Design mode and HTML mode.
In Design mode, HTML based pages can be edited using the tools of our WYSIWYG editor. In HTML mode it is possible to edit directly in HTML code.
Functions of tools are described in the FAQ page.
Resource Manager
Using the Resource Manager you can upload all the graphics, media files, etc that will be used in your app. 
Design Properties section
From here it is possible to change icons and text for tabs.
Set default background image or color, text/link color, etc.
Style classes that affect appearance of page elements throughout the app 
are stored in the style.css file.  
To edit style.css click on link.
When a new page is added its style classes are included in style.css
It is possible to create new classes and edit existent.
Additionally to external styles, it is possible to set an internal style sheet for each particular page in your app, that is, customize appearance of individual page. This is done from Page Style section when editing a page. 
The internal style sheet is stored within the <head>...</head> tags of the page.
This can be viewed with any external text editor, if app files (pages) are downloaded to your desktop (Download zip from Resource Manager).
Edit Localizable strings 
It is possible to have iOS messages displayed in your app in the language of your app. Simply, input your translation.
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