Frequently Asked Question

1.51 Purchase

Purchase Page type lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions using the Apple In-App Purchase. 

How to add and configure this page type:

1. In order to add a new Purchase page to your app access its Dashboard. Go to Edit Pages menu then click the "+" (Add New Page) button.

From the list of the page types available select the Purchase one and click the "NEXT" button.

In the next step you'll need to add a name for this page and click the "Create " button. Once the page is added, you are able to proceed with editing it.

2. Configure this page by clicking on the "Edit" button.

3. Configure the Purchase page with your In-App Purchase product.

                     3.1 Choose your In-App purchase product type (same as on iTunes) - Consumable or Non-Consumable

                     3.ID of the In-App Purchase product created on iTunes Connect (tutorial available)
                                    In-App Purchase ID example: com.myinappurchase.myappname

                     3.Page (or URL) to open if transaction successful. Choose an app Page ID from the drop-down or add your URL.

All fields are REQUIRED.


5. If you use a Purchase page type you need to add in your app a "Restore Purchase" option by using the restore custom URL scheme.

<a href="purchase://restore">Restore your Purchase</a> 

** You should add only one Restore button per app.


**NOTE: You can test the Purchase page type ONLY in an Ad-Hoc or App Store build using a SandBox account.