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1.60 Search

One of the new page types introduced at Apps Volcano is the search page, giving the end user option to search for a specific information throughout the app. 

To add a Search page to your app, please, follow the steps below: 
1) Go to your app's dashboard. 
2) Follow the "Edit Pages" link. 
3) Click the "+" (Add New Pages) button. 
4) Select the "Search Page" from the list of page types available and click "Create" button to add it to your app. 
Once added, you may go to edit the page itself by clicking the "Edit" button next to the appeared page. 
Currently you may find an illustration only displayed in iPhone simulator online. 
In order to have the search feature working properly, make sure to re-index it each time you add or edit any pages within your app. 
Create the Search page, add a custom button anywhere in app linked to it, or link a page to it. Thus, whenever the end user taps the "search button" he/she will be re-directed to the search page. Enter the key words you are looking for as the search criteria, and click the "Search" button. 
Once the search process is over you will be given a list of all the pages within app that contain "sample criteria" looked for. 


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