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1.7 Coupon
The coupon type page allows to include a coupon image in your app which the end user will be able to use (namely show it to the vendor) in order to benefit of a discount, etc. 
The coupon image becomes unlocked (displayed on the screen of the device) after end user scans a certain amount of times the QR code printed on your product, or displayed on the screen in your points of sale, etc.
NOTE: Coupon page type can only be viewed on a device. Editor mode simulator is for demonstration purposes only.
In Edit mode, it is possible to customize the following options:
Coupon name: your coupon name
Coupon image: your coupon image
Start date: coupon will be available starting with this date 
End date: coupon will be available until this date
QR code data: data (text, etc) contained in the QR code
Check-in target amount: number of times required to scan QR code in order to unlock the coupon image in the app
Hours before next check-in: hours to pass until next scanning is possible
Coupon description: your coupon's description
Sample image for you coupon:
Sample QR code 
containing the text "qr code for testing"
How does "QR coupon data" work:
1. Use any of the online free services to create QR coupon (e.g.
2.Crete "text" QR and save it on your computer.This QR code will be used by your point of sale to handle it to your clients for scanning.
3. The same text you need to input in the "QR coupon data" In the example
   showed above it would be ""
The coupon is "locked" until QR code is scanned the required amount of times.
User can read instructions tapping on "How" or proceed to scanning by tapping on "Scan" button.
Upon successful scanning the Checkin target amount will be automatically incremented by 1 (for instance 1 of 3) and the following message will pop up:
When Checkin amount target is reached (for instance 3 of 3)
coupon image is unlocked and user prompted to show the coupon to the vendor: 
After vendor taps on "Use this coupon"
the coupon image becomes locked and Check-in target amount is nulled (0 of 3)
Unlocking the coupon will require scanning the QR code from the beginning.
In case of failure to scan the following messages will pop-up:
- scan the QR code again,
- scanning QR code will be possible 1 hour after last scan (or as set in the page),
- coupon is not valid until Start date (availability period is set in the page),
- coupon is not valid any longer (date is set in the page).
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