Frequently Asked Question

Do I need an Apple Developer account or can I submit under AppsVolcano's account?

AppsVolcano will ONLY accept to submit under its company's account applications that meet ALL of the following requirements:

- provides high usability to the end user,
- is rich in content, informative and instructive,
- contains offline multimedia content such as audio or video,
- contains interactive native pages,
- has a professional look and feel and an original design,
- is not designed to promote a brand name we don't own,
- contains no copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright holder,
- can not be classified as posing a potential copyright issue
- is published for FREE distribution

If any of these requirements are not met, AppsVolcano will NOT submit the app under its company account and will require you to enroll in Apple's iOS program at

IMPORTANT: If your application promotes a brand name or a registered trademark you are required to have your own development account with Apple.