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How to use Goal Tracker feature?

Goal Tracker is a great page type to use in your application if you are looking to create, track the progress and control a list of personal goals.


1. Goal Tracker, GT

In order to add a new  Goal Tracker  page to your app access its Dashboard. Go to Edit Pages menu then click the "+" (Add New Page) button.



From the list of the page types available select the Goal Tracker one and click the item.



In the next step you will need to press on the "USE THIS PAGE TYPE" button.


Then add a name for your page and click on "Create" button.




2. Category Goal Tracker, CGT
For a fully functional Goal Tracker page you have to add in your application Category Goal Tracker page type. For that follow one more time the process described above for this page type.
!!!Note that you can't edit the page in simulator. You can see how the page is working only by using a previewer.
As you can see in the image below I have used the GT and CGT page inside of my application by adding Goal Tracker & Goal Categories sections. Notwithstanding, you may use these page types on the tabs.
In AppsVolcano Previewer application: 


3. Creating a Goal Category

Before you start creating a goal it is important to have a category for it. For that go to CGT page and press "+" to add a category. (See the images below)

4. Goal Tracker Elements

After you finish to create a category you may go and set up your goal.
To generate or to add a new goal you will have to press "+" from the right edge. 
                     4.1 Goal title: Add here your goal 
                     4.2 Due Date: Set the date so long as you accomplish a goal
                     4.3 Priority: Select a priority from the list (High, Medium, Low) 
                     4.4 Goal Alert Time: Decide upon an alert time to remind about your goal
                     4.5 Repeat Interval: Choose how regularly you want to receive the alerts ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
                     4.6 Category: Pick a category suitable with your goal
                     4.7 Notes: In this line you may add some personal notes like the way how to achieve your goal or own feelings toward the goal. It is up to you what to write in this line.
                     4.8 Create: Press on the button to create your goal. My note to you is to think properly until you press the button because you can't delete the goal.
Once you have created your goal you may track its progress by adjusting the bar. Don't forget to press Apply button.

5. Goal achieved

This feature is really great when you need a constant reminder to push you up and it won't forget to congratulate when you succeeded. 


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