Frequently Asked Question

1.14 Favorites


(Available only for HTML, RSS Pro and RSS Pro Details pages).


1. Create a new page.


2.  Edit "Favorites" page.

2.1. Header image (optional).

Upload a header image using Resource Manager. (width = 640 px)

2.2. favorite.png and favoriteoff.png 

 - images used by default.

You can use your own images (optional). Upload them to app resources using Resource Manager.



3.  Edit RSS Pro page.

3.1. Edit Rss Pro page in HTML mode.

3.2.  Add    [%=favorite%]    tag into RSS Pro page.
In this place will appear  favorite.png or favoriteoff.png.

3.3. Favorites feature also can be used on RSS Pro Details page type. (optional)



4.  Now you can bookmark articles from RSS feed.

 Tap on "favoriteoff.png" to add article to Favorites page, or "favorite.png" to remove it.



 Favorites page before and after adding articles from RSS feed:



Swipe right to left to remove an item from "Favorites" page.

Use AppsVolcano Previewer app to test this new feature.